National and international special transports


HEINRICH DEHN carries heavy goods with ease.


National and international project shipments

HEINRICH DEHN carries heavy goods with ease.

Planning transports throughout Germany, or even to countries with a difficult infrastructure, and obtaining the necessary permissions alone is always a challenge, not to mention professional and timely execution of the transport itself.

Whether heavy or long, high or broad — Everything is exactly planned to arrive then properly stowed "in time" at the destination.

We use our global partners of the FORCE GROUP ( for a smooth handling "on the spot" and are therefore able to carry out the respective import procedures as well as the follow-up from the destination port to the unloading point.

HEINRICH DEHN will be at your disposal with pleasure and competence.

Over the years, we have segmented our range of services based on our clients' requirements in the field of transport. In every individual case, we will find the perfect combination of organisational necessities and what can be realised under technical aspects to choose the right solution for your goods to be transported.

To this end, we have a variety of transport vehicles at our disposal, such as semi-low loaders, telescopic loaders, sloping loaders, vessel bridges, modular vehicles, lorries with loading cranes and many more.

Our services at a glance:

  • Export customs formalities
  • Advice on packaging questions
  • Organization of pre approvals
  • Proper envelope as well as lashing + securing
  • "Door" to "Door" intermodal service
  • Crosstrades


  • Turbine wheels
  • Heavy machine components
  • Heavy-duty machines
  • Transformers
  • Heating boilers
  • Riser pipe constructions